New Josh Bersin Company Research Reveals Key Strategies That Differentiate Top Performing Companies During Today’s Time of Change

A year into the groundbreaking Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) Project, The Josh Bersin Company has identified seven hallmarks of Pacesetter organizations – the top performing companies in each industry. These companies, which exponentially outperform their competitors, are inherently set up for change and agility, and invest in new skills, change management, employee support, and growth. By studying the skills, organization structures, and job models in thousands of companies through Eightfold. AI’s Talent Intelligence Platform, Josh Bersin Company researchers uncovered the secrets of these highly adaptive companies. These Pacesetters prioritize automation and technology, invest in cutting-edge skills, and deeply value talent, among other strategies. Fundamentally, they make conscious, actionable choices around talent and operational structure that generate a culture comfortable with–and focused on–continuously transforming. 

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